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Practice-Led Research in Art Design and Architecture
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Birmingham 27 Jan
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England
London 16 February
Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London

The Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain
The Society exists to encourage an interest in the history of architecture, to provide opportunities for the exchange and discussion of ideas related to this subject and to publish, in its journal, Architectural History, significant source material and the results of original research.

AHRA is looking for new members to come forward and contribute to the mission of developing and promoting high-quality research in architectural humanities. Membership is free and is open to all researchers working in this expanding area.


Mission Statement:

AHRA has been founded in order to provide an inclusive and comprehensive support-network of researchers in architectural humanities across the UK. It promotes, supports, develops and disseminates high-quality research in all areas of architectural humanities.

It promotes the quality, breadth and significance of research in architectural humanities to the key institutional bodies including HEFCE/RAE, AHRB/C, ESRC, CABE, RIBA and SCHOSA. It supports the culture of research in architectural humanities in the UK by establishing a comprehensive network of established academics in the field, providing information resources for the development of younger researchers and encouraging the exploration of new and emerging areas of humanities research.

It develops research in architectural humanities by providing regular forums for the exchange of ideas, a rigorous process of peer-review and the establishment of strong international links with partner organisations. It disseminates research in architectural humanities through annual refereed conferences, meetings, research symposia and high-quality research publications – as well as reaching out to other researchers working in related disciplines.

AHRA raises public awareness of the social, cultural, economic and political value of research in architectural history, theory, culture, design and urbanism. It provides access to a body of knowledge and informed opinion to statutory bodies, the academic community, as well as the wider public and the media – helping to set the terms of reference for debates about the quality of the built environment.