Stop Guns and Gangs Once and For All

Canadians hear tragic stories every day involving guns! However, we must discuss community change if we are going to stop gun violence! With limited success, government, police, schools and nonprofit groups try to reduce violence with educational programs on child abuse, bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence and gangs as politicians write new gun control laws. These approaches help, but to break […]

Risk Factors for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is defined as “violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the abuse of a current or former spouse, intimate partner or child.” Any form of physical or sexual abuse and emotional control or manipulation can be categorized as domestic violence. While some types of domestic violence may occur absent a physical altercation, it is not uncommon that […]

How to Counter Employee Fraud

Another negative consequence of the economic downturn: employee fraud and thefts are on the rise. Periodic credit and criminal background checks, also known as ‘continuous screening’ or ‘infinity background screening,’ have been shown to be effective risk management tools for companies and a major deterrent against potential fraud. Employees facing increased financial hardships (such as having a spouse who was laid […]

Theft Lawyer Mississauga

Theft and robbery both involve crimes against other people’s property. When you come to us with a theft or robbery charge, our lawyers will discuss the particulars of your case, then discuss your options. Depending on your record and the evidence against you, your options may be very wide, or very limited. Theft: Over And Under $5,000 Theft is treated […]

What Is Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is an unlawful killing that doesn’t involve malice aforethought—intent to seriously harm or kill, or extreme, reckless disregard for life. The absence of malice aforethought means that manslaughter involves less moral blame than either first or second degree murder. (But plenty argue that some instances of felony murder, a form of first degree murder, involve less blameworthiness than some instances […]

Best Impaired Driving Lawyer in Mississauga

If you have been charged with impaired driving or DUI, you are facing more than just the possible suspension of your driver’s licence. When facing impaired driving charges, it is imperative that you fully understand all of the possible penalties and consequences of a conviction in order to make an informed decision about how to proceed. This is a stressful […]


A major problem for decent people living their everyday lives is the take over of towns and cities by violent gangs. This is usually compounded by weakness on the part of the authorities or, as now, fear of offending Political Correctness. This allows the gangs to develop and move into ilicit businesses and corrupt more young followers and harm innocent […]

What are weapon charges?

Weapons charges include offenses that address the possession or use of weapons. Even though many people envision a defendant actually pulling a gun on a store clerk, weapons charges are broadly used and applied to prohibit the possession of certain weapons by any person or certain persons and to increase the range of punishment for the use of weapons during other […]