After an assault, the first priority is to help your mind release the pain, shock and trauma of the experience in order to move on. To do this, you have to coax your subconscious into unfreezing itself and allowing these changes to occur.

Now, the subconscious often believes it is learning something by experiencing the opposite; for example it might think it is learning about being empowered, by you feeling powerless. The logic of the subconscious may often seem warped and confused, but this doesn’t matter. We just go along with the way it works, in order to heal it. A criminal lawyer from Mississauga has shared his insights.

The Starting Point

In the early days after the assault, it can seem almost impossible to go on. It is important that you are not alone. The law is with you. However, your world has been turned upside down, and it feels as if nothing can ever be the same again. Feelings of security and safety have been shattered beyond repair. Confidence and empowerment have been replaced with worthlessness, feeling like an object, and feeling like nothing, dirty and contaminated.

The place you are in right now feels like the bottom of a deep, dark pit. There seems to be no possibility of escape and no possibility of the life you knew ever returning. The anguish you are feeling cannot be silenced. You may be thinking of harming yourself; using physical pain to block out the emotional pain. You may be thinking of taking your own life.

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Emergency Measures

Firstly, you need to realize that the assault is over. You have survived. You are safe. While you consciously know this, subconsciously you are probably still frozen in that moment. So read these words several times:

“It is over now, I have survived and I am safe.”

Then, you need to get yourself some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. This wonderful, natural remedy clears shock and trauma from your system before it can become ingrained and caused more harm. In this situation, you need to take four drops of Rescue Remedy directly on your tongue every fifteen minutes initially, then four times a day.

Your Way Back to Life

When the days ahead seem terrible and full of despair, remember the younger woman in your future vision. Your example could be the key that empowers her to live again. You could be the one to literally save her life.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing gift? Wouldn’t that be something worth carrying on for?