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If you are arrested for a serious crime, the authorities will not release you from custody unless they are confident that you will show up in court for all required hearings and trial. If you can show that you are not likely to run away and you have substantial contacts in the community that require you to stay in the area, the court can release you on your own recognizance. 

Defendants who are not released on their own recognizance will usually pay some amount in bail. Bail is simply an amount of money that is deposited with the court to ensure that you show up for all court proceedings. You can post your bail in cash with the court, and you will then be released from custody. However, if you fail to show up in court, you forfeit the money to the court. Sometimes due to the severity of the crime and the court’s uncertainty about whether a defendant will show up for trial, a large bail will be set.

If the defendant does not have enough cash to post the entire bail, the court will accept a bail bond. A bail bond is a promise by an insurance company to pay the entire amount of the bail if a defendant does not show up for court proceedings. The insurance company, through a bail bond agency, will charge a premium for posting the bond. For example, if the court requires $10,000 in bail, the insurance company could charge a 10 percent premium, or $1,000, to post the bond. The company will also require a guarantor to sign for the bond as well. This person will guarantee to pay the insurance company the $10,000 if the accused does not show up.

If the accused appears at trial, the court returns the insurance company’s bond, and the insurance company keeps the $1,000 for posting the bond.  However, if the accused flees, the insurance company loses the $10,000 it posted with the court and will require the guarantor to reimburse them for it. The company may also hire investigators to find the accused and bring him or her to court. If they are successful, the company’s bond will be returned.

The important thing is to seek the assistance of Bail Hearing Attorney Mississauga right after the arrest and the pressing of the charges. In some cases, it may be possible for release to be negotiated directly with the police. Such a chance should not be missed due to confusion or procrastination. When a bail hearing is the only way for the arrested person to be released, we will prepare perfectly to secure the highest chances of achieving victory. In general, the law recognizes that the accused person has the right to be released and go on with his life until the trial begins. Detention is a measure which is applied when the person is regarded to be dangerous for the public and/or there is a high chance for him to escape.

When you work with one of our specialized counselors, you will receive all the attention, assistance and support that you require. The professional will investigate the circumstances in great detail to build a strong case for you. Rest assured that there will be no weak spots for the prosecutor to take advantage of. You will receive proper preparation for answering questions during the hearing. The sureties, formally known as supervisors, will also receive thorough instructions. Your counselor and all support specialists will work meticulously and with full dedication to devise and implement a winning strategy for you.

Full personal attention is what each of our client receives before, during and after the bail hearing. We will make you feel as comfortable in the challenging situation as possible. You should not hesitate to ask questions to your Bail Hearing Lawyer Mississauga and to request clarifications. You will receive all the information and the specific details that you require without delay. With effective and reliable communication, we will have even better chances of achieving the set objective.

Each bail hearing is different and we know this. That is why your attorney will implement a tailor-made strategy and fight with perseverance to reach the set goal. All effective instruments will be used for overcoming any challenges that might come. Count on us to help you get where you want to be.

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